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Best tips for fall family pictures

10 tips about what you should wear for fall family pictures!

1. Start with Mom.

I always always recommend starting with Mom. Pick a warm fall color or neutral and build the family look around you! If you choose to wear a beautiful patterned dress, pick a color or two (depending on how many people are in your family) featured in your dress and build from there. Add a second pattern like plaid. Add a sweater or t-shirt underneath for boys and a cute cardigan for girls. Layers are good!! Dad’s you have it pretty easy- button downs with a sweater over it or by itself always looks great. 

2. Pay attention to details.

I love when families pull their look together by having a little accent here and there- a necklace, bracelet, a little extra layering. It looks awesome when you add these little touches. 

3. Mix patterns!

Whether you are a beginning or expert level pattern mixer, it all adds visual interest to your outfit. Pictures are all about the family and connection- but don’t get me wrong- a well planned wardrobe adds to it!

The best way to begin pattern mixing is to replace your solid colored top with a top that has a monochromatic print in that same solid color.

4. Don’t all wear the same color!

Trust me this trend has made its way out. 

5. Pay attention to shoes.

Boots and booties rule the day, they just add to your overall fall vibe. Even for the kids! Tennis shoes make me think of summer!

6. Iron or steam your clothes.

It doesn’t have to be perfect!

7. Get ready EARLY!!

Please believe- you will all be in a better mood if you aren’t

rushing around last minute. Plan to arrive 5 minutes or 10 minutes early. Kids of all ages pick up on stress.  Also pretend your session is actually 10 minutes earlier than it is - my family has been pulling this little trick on me for years about various family get togethers - it works!

8.Websites that I love for clothes:

Old Navy (sometimes they have an amazing family section, sometimes not🤣)

Amazon - believe it or not, you can find a ton of trendy, well made clothes on Amazon that ship quickly. I follow #founditonamazon on instagram and I look at this section on Amazon to help me.

9. Inspiring Fall Palettes

10. Secret

I do love a Canadian tuxedo - mixing denim is definitely fun and trendy especially when paired with some tall boots.

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